Hey guys! Today I wanted to share 4 pricer items that we use and love with baby Owen. I get a lot of questions whether or not they are worth the price, so I’ll explain how we use them and you can see if you need them in your life as well. And at the end of the post I’ve posted some sleep tips for newborns!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Walmart, so everything I’m talking about can be found there! They carry a lot of premium baby products which are really great to add to your registry. Definitely check out Walmart if you are looking for some new baby products, their selection is huge! Especially if you are pregnant and needing to stock up on supplies for your little one!

dock a tot review

1. Dockatot

I get so many questions about this little traveling pillow! Should I buy it? Is it worth the price? For me yes, and I’ll tell you why. We were able to use these when the girls were babies AND we can now use for Owen. So if you are planning on having more kids this is something that will last. I had a pink cover for the girls that we’d rotate, but I’ve just been using the white with Owen. He does leave some sweat stains (he is a sweaty guy!) but the cover zips right off and you just put it in the wash.

Every now and then he’ll fall asleep in my arms, on the couch or in his bouncer, but most of the time you’ll find him sleeping in this. We have used it from the very beginning and he just loves it. It keeps your baby nice and snug so they feel like they are being hugged. I also love how it’s so portable. When we went to the river recently, we brought this with us and boom you have his bed. Since Owen is so long, we have it unbuckled at the end. But they also carry a bigger version. I feel like with newborns you’ll do whatever it takes to get them to sleep, and who knew this little pillow would do the trick.

I’m not sure when we will transition him out of it, but for the time being it’s working out perfectly.


newborn sleep

2. Maxi-Cosi Micro 30 Car Seat and 3. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

This is another item that we saved from when the girls were babies. These car seats are so comfy and fairly lightweight. I believe they are one of the lighter “higher end” car seats. Another great thing is they sell these attachments to the Baby Jogger City Select stroller so you just put the car seat right on top. And once your baby outgrows this car seat you use the seat the stroller comes with. We STILL use that stroller for our girls so just know that it will last you a long time! I added in a few pics of the girls using the stroller below! We bought the second seat for the girls but you can use it as a single stroller as well.


car seat review newborn
maxi cosi car seat review
city select baby jogger
city select stroller
city select stroller
city select stroller

4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I never knew what the fuss was about these but now I get it. I love how light and simplistic the design is. I can bring it from room to room in the house so Owen is always with me. There are no batteries or sounds and just looks nice. So many baby things are bright colors and not very cute, this just blends right in. You can pull the cover right off if you need to wash it and most importantly Owen really likes it. It’s easy for him to bounce himself and you can tilt it more at an angle or have it lower to the ground. This is probably my most used baby product since having him.


baby bjorn bouncer review

And last but not least here are my top tips for getting consistent sleep for your newborn baby!

Sleep Tips for Newborns:

  1. Don’t let them nap for more than 2 hours during the day.

  2. Nurse when they wake up rather than before putting them to sleep. I use the Feed, Play, Sleep model.

  3. Swaddle! If you think they don’t like it, it’s usually just as you are swaddling them. Once they are wrapped tight the will start to calm down.

  4. Keep naps consistent with nighttime sleep. Still swaddle, use sound machine and keep room dark.

Owen is usually up between 6 and 6:30 and then I put him down for his first nap around 8:30. Just 2 hours after he first wakes up. Then I repeat that all day long. Down for a nap (usually sleeps 1-2 hours), up for about 2 hours and back down for a nap. And then I try to get him down for bed around 8:30/9:00!

Thanks for reading! I hope you got some good recommendations and make sure to check out Walmart huge baby selection!