6 Year Anniversary in Palm Springs

Andrew and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Even though we have been together for about 13 years, 6 years married still seems like a long time! I always love looking back on our past year together and see how things have changed. We both were saying how we feel like we are just in a good place right now. Our girls are at a really fun age, we have finished all our big projects in our home and there are so many possibilities for our future. 

So to celebrate we went to Palm Springs since it's such an easy drive, yet you still feel like you are completely on vacation. It was nice to get out of the house and have a little time away from the girls. Sometimes you need 24 hours without changing diapers, meltdowns, or feeding snacks all day!

^^ On our drive down into Palm Springs. Andrew always looooves the drive to Palm Springs. He is totally into the desert so we always stop to check out the view of the valley.

dress (similar here and here) // shoes // sunnies // jean jacket

Our hotel was amazing! Usually we pick large resorts, but this time we wanted something with more charm and that true 'Palm Springs' feel. Andrew found The Ingleside Inn and I was totally impressed! It gave me vibes of old school Hollywood and I felt like Rachel Zoe staying there.

Our first stop was the bar! It was hot as heck and it was also time to unwind! I'm usually a wine drinker but we got mai tais and they were out of this world. Seriously, just stop by the restaurant bar here and get yourself a mai tai! The bar was so vintage looking. I told Andrew I felt like we were back in time, in the best way possible.

^^Felt right at home wearing this chambray jumpsuit and wedges!

One of the nice things about it being so hot, is that we were practically the only people there. The pool was so cute and exactly what I would design for my home. There is something about long rectangular pools that I love. Anyone else? I also love brick and grass around pools. It feels so timeless to me. And I could not get over the lounge chairs. They had these little shades that you could adjust to cover your face. Ok, is this a thing? Or are these really old? Either way, I NEED to find them for our house. AND I loved the umbrellas. Clearly, I was a fan of the decor at this hotel. Haha... 

swimsuit // sunnies

For breakfast, we went on a run to FARM thanks to all of your recommendations. Our hotel was super close to everything which made everything really convenient. The restaurant totally reminded me of Anthropologie. There were mismatched glasses with blooming flowers everywhere. Lots of colored glass and unique light fixtures. We each got an omelet and shared an apple crepe. Everything was delicious. Before we ate we stopped at Starbucks, because we wake up so early now. I cannot sleep in past 7:00. I ended up waking up around 6 and FARM didn't open until 9. 9:00 seems so late to me now!! So we went to the Starbucks nearby which was a reserve store. Super cool if you haven't been to one before. They have all these neat ways of making coffee and it was really pretty inside.

For dinner we went to Las Casuelas Terraza. We both had been there before but knew the food are drinks were really good. We shared shrimp fajitas which were bomb. I had 2 skinny margs (which Andrew had to finish for me...lightweight). Totally would suggest going here for dinner. They have live music and it's in a great location.

Overall, our quick little getaway was a great time! I also took a lot of outfit picks, so I'll share another post with those very soon! Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you guys soon!