Birthday Weekend

Well I'm now 29! I wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend and my thoughts on the past year!

My birthday was on Sunday, but Andrew was going to be gone most the day so on Saturday he watched the girls and sent me to the spa for a massage and facial. It was amazing. I cherish alone time these days. It honestly feels pretty weird to be somewhere alone for longer than an hour. Usually when I leave to house to run errands I'm not gone for longer than an hour. I'm amazed at all I can get done in one hour! So I had intentions of hanging out at the spa once my services were done. I thought I'd hang by the pool and get lunch or something. But after about 10 minutes of drinking my complementary wine, I kinda wanted to go back. I ended up just checking emails. How bad is that? But either way, I had a really relaxing morning/afternoon!

The best part was coming home to this cake! I was honestly shocked that Andrew baked me a cake. He doesn't cook like ever. And he made a gluten free funfetti cake. Who knew they even made that?! But the sweetest part was that he bought pink and purple sprinkles for the girls to decorate the cake with. Violet ended up dumping her whole container out creating a nice purple mound of sugar. And June just shook hers in the air flinging sugar all over the place. It was pretty funny.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies while cuddling and getting take-out. My kinda day. And how pretty are those flowers Andrew's mom got for me?

On Sunday, I hung out with the girls while we had our bathroom worked on. They finished all the dry wall and it looks so great! I'm going to do an update on it next week. I'll share the steps we are taking and all the details. Later that day my parents came over and we took the girls out to a Mexican restauant. 

Going out to eat with two 15 month olds is quite the chore! They always do fine for the first 20 minutes and then I just try to find whatever I can to keep them entertained. They love running around now, so usually they just want to get out of their high chairs. My dad and I ended up chasing them around while my mom cleaned up our table and closed our tab! It's like they reach a point of no return and you just have to make it through! But even though it's not a 'relaxing' time going out to eat with them, I still love to get out of the house and get some good food! 

The girls are obsessed with animals right now and as you entered this restaurant, there was a fake donkey. The girls kept saying 'neigh neigh' because they thought it was a horse. The wouldn't leave it alone, and gave it so many kisses!

As I look back on this past year, it was absolutely my favorite year to date. Seeing the girls grow up before my eyes gets better and better each day. I always looked forward to being a mom, but I never thought I'd get twin girls. With each month, they get a little easier and definitely more fun. They bring me so much joy and motivate me to work harder than I ever have before. If only I could have shown my pregnant self what the future looked like! I'd see that all those stressful days would eventually pay off. 

Now more than ever, I feel like I'm in my groove. Now that the girls are getting a little more independent, I feel like I can be way more productive during the day. This has really helped me feel more normal. I wake up earlier than I ever have before...on purpose! This hour before the girls get up sets my day off right and encourages me to get out of bed. I've also developed a really good workout schedule for myself. I love doing yoga right when I'm up, still in my pjs. It gets my body going and puts me in a good state of mind. Around 9:00 I take the girls out for a run. I've been going about 3 times a week. Sometimes it's 2, other weeks it's 4, but I always shoot for 3. I used to hate cardio and running especially. But I've grown to love it! I have way more energy, I'm more productive and my body is starting to really get back in shape.

All these little changes have helped me feel more like me. I always remind myself that I am in control of my days. I can let them get the best of me or I can show my girls early on that hard work pays off. I'm working on giving my body, job, and family the attention it deserves. It's a huge balancing act (and lists save my life), but all worth it. Here's to another year!