Weekend Recap

This weekend felt so full of events! We are trying to get the girls out of the house more. It's so easy to just stay at home with them, but I know they need to be OUT (and so do I)! They are getting to be such a fun age and they truly entertain us all day long. I love seeing them interact more and more every day and become two little besties. Sometimes they are in their own world and just wander around the house together with random objects. It's my most favorite thing ever.

Saturday morning we went to Andrew's little sister's high school graduation. I honestly didn't think they'd make it 15 minutes, but somehow they were quiet for a really long time! They ate a LOT of creamies, played with rose petals and looked around at people. We took them outside toward the end because they started talking a lot. Then they ran around with all the other little kids would couldn't sit still!

The girls dresses are from Gap and on sale (so comfy!) Their shoes are from Old Navy. My dress is from Nordstrom, sold out now but here are few similar 1/2/3. You can't see my shoes, but I wore wedges with black straps. Here are some similar ones 1/2/3

After the girls woke up from their nap we played outside for a long time! They are obsessed with being out side and love to explore. We actually played in the pool for a while, even though it was kinda cold. 

It's pretty hard to take a family photo these days! My bathing suit is from Cupshe last year. They are so cheap! I'm loving this blue and white one and this one is just like a super expensive one I've been eyeing. Okay one more, because I love this print and cut. and the girls suits are from Nordstrom Rack (on sale for under $16).

Sunday was a big day. We took the girls to church for THE FIRST TIME. I know I know, they are almost 18 months. I've just been too nervous to take them or we were busy. But we really need to start making it a priority. Violet didn't make it long inside. We ended up wondering around outside and then I'd go into the building and watch the sermon on the tv for a little bit. June lasted the entire service! She just sat on Andrew's lap and chilled. What in the world? So now that we finally went, and realized it wasn't so bad, we aren't as afraid to take them!

But I would love your guys' tips on keeping your little ones occupied in church. I know I can send them to the nursery but I feel like that's kinda a lot to bring two babies the same age in. And they aren't the best with strangers. I may hang with them in the nursery for a little bit and then sneak away or something. What do you guys do?

The girls dresses are from Marshalls, and their shoes are Old Navy (under $13 right now). My dress is from Windsor and shoes are from Target HERE. Order a half size down in the shoes!

Diaper bag is Skip Hop and everyone always asks if I love it and YES I love it. I have it in two colors and kinda want more.

After church we played around outside because they had all these fun activities set up!

When we got home we went back outside and played for a while. They had a GREAT nap!

The girls dresses are from Gap and on sale! Their little chairs are HERE (under $8).

Just over here trying to get kisses from June. I'm scared for when they are teenagers. Stop growing now! Overall we had a great weekend! Lot's of time outside enjoying the weather and the girls were in a great mood the whole time which is all I can hope for!