I Survived My Juice Cleanse...Barely!!!

I did a juice cleanse the other day and I survived! The last time I did one was a few years ago. I remember thinking it wasn't hard at all and I wasn't even hungry. I did miss actually chewing food though. Lately I've felt kinda bloated and thought let's do a day long juice cleanse and see how it goes. Can't be that bad right? ...it was a lot harder than I thought! So in today's post I'm going to explain the cleanse I did, why I don't think it was the right cleanse for me, and how my body reacted.

nekter juice cleanse


Nektar Cleanse:

So I went with the cleanse offered by Nekter. It's a chain juice store that sells smoothies and juice and I'm obsessed with going whenever I grocery shop. It's my little treat. The detox juice is so amazing. I figured since I love their juice and smoothies already, I'd like their cleanse. I went with the one day cleanse to just try it out. I didn't want to go too crazy. They offer two different types and I just stuck with the classic cleanse. I'm no pro at this that's for sure! I ordered online and then picked up in store a few days later. 

A Day Before:

I feel like I wasn't prepared for the cleanse. I briefly read up on them and you are supposed to slowly cut down on caffeine, sugar and processed foods a few days before. Okay, I really didn't do any of that. I think I had the same amount of caffeine the day before. I did try to eat pretty good but it wasn't all raw or anything. So that was my first mistake, UNPREPARED!

Day of the Cleanse:

The first 3 juices weren't bad. I went into the day super pumped and feeling good. I had this expectation of ending the day feeling lighter and totally refreshed. As far as the taste of all the juices go, honestly I liked them all. The taste wasn't really the issue. You would drink one green juice and about 2 hours later have a variation of a skinny lemonade which was essentially lemon, water and then cayenne or charcoal and a few other things. They all varied a little bit. The other juice cleanse I did had a juice blend for each juice. I feel like that kept my energy levels higher throughout the day. 

nekter juice cleanse

I also think that when I did my first juice cleanse I didn't really do much during the day. I gave myself an "off-day" to just rest and get through the cleanse. Well when you have kids, you don't get any "off-days" so my energy was REALLY lacking. I was pretty good until about 12:00. That's when I started to get super hungry. I ended up caving and had half of an avocado. It did help a little bit.

But around 1:00 I got a raging headache. Like really, really bad. And it didn't go away until I went to bed (which was super early). It could be from multiple things. I think it was from zero caffeine. I drink coffee every single day. I mean I have to survive over here! I usually drink 2 cups in the morning. Every now and then I'll do an iced coffee later in the day but not often. Doing this cleanse really showed me how dependent my body is on caffeine. So if you are thinking of doing a cleanse try cutting back on your caffeine leading up to your cleanse. That way your body isn't in shock when it doesn't get any.

nekter juice cleanse

My headache could also be from dehydration. Even though you are drinking liquid all day long you still need to drink water. I definitely don't think I was drinking enough water. When all you are drinking is juice you don't really feel like drinking more liquid. One other reason for headaches that I was reading about it could be from all the toxins released in your body. Cleansing helps to get the toxins out of your fat cells and you need to drink a ton of water to flush them out. Apparently that release can cause a headache. Whatever the reason was, my headache was not fun at all. It reminded me of back when I was pregnant!

I did end up finishing the avocado and I had a sweet potato later in the day. I thought it would help my headache but it really didn't.

nekter juice cleanse
nekter juice cleanse

Would I Recommend:

Honestly the first time I cleansed it was so much easier. I don't know if it's because I drink more caffeine now or if I'm just busier so I need those calories/nutrients to get me through the day. If I were to do this again I'd do the other brand which was Urban Remedy. I liked that it had more actual juices not the 2 skinny lemonades. I also just checked the Urban Remedy website and they offer a lot of different types of cleanses now. You may like this one if you cleanse a lot, but I don't think it was right for me.

Do you guys cleanse? Let me know how you like it and what you do to prep your body for them. I did feel good the next day but man oh man was it tough to get through for me!