Life Lately with Toddlers


Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great! Today I wanted to fill you in on what’s going on in the Atkins household. A lot has changed with the girls, I’m now in my third trimester of this pregnancy and I thought we could just chat! I’m actually typing this in the air as we speak. I’m heading to Miami, believe it or not, on a work trip. I can’t talk about details yet, but you’ll find out soon enough! One of my good friends, Summer, is joining me since I’m pretty far along in my pregnancy. I didn’t feel comfortable traveling across the country alone so she is with me for moral support! I am going to do a post soon on traveling while pregnant and traveling without your kids. I’ve had a lot of questions asking how I feel leaving the girls and what-not, so I’ll have a post on that soon.


So first, let’s talk about the two little munchkins. June and Violet are now 2 years and almost 4 months old. They are becoming little spit-fires and keep my life exciting each and every day that’s for sure! For one, they have entered a very distinct stage where tantrums happen on the daily (meaning multiple times a day) and there are two of them so let’s just say it’s a lot of freakouts. Also, I tell people they have a love/hate relationship with each other. They can have the exact same toy, but they want the one the other is holding. It’s like…are you serious??

But while they have their moments, they also have become the sweetest little duo you ever did see. When we are out in public and around other little kids or adults, they hold each others hand and hug each other constantly. They will always tell people, “this is Junie” or “this is ViVi”. It is really cute to watch. If I’m with Andrew we will just lock eyes and I know he is thinking the same thing as me…how freaking cute!! They also get into these zones at our house I call it, where they will be playing so well with each other. I’m starting to see the benefits of having twins now. When they are babies it is a daily struggle, but as they start to gain some independence, they really can entertain themselves. They will run around in their own world playing make believe and saying the funniest things to each other.

So if you have twins and are in the early stages, just hang in there because it does get easier. I mean, there are always new challenges like learning how to deal with them saying no to everything, but I feel like for the most part things start to lighten up. Something that Andrew and I love right now is how they come up with the funniest things to say. They will just have little conversations with each other or be talking to us and the things they come up make up laugh so hard. I really should write stuff down they say in their baby books, but I’m officially the worst at keeping up with those. I mean, keeping one up to date is a task, let alone doing two. I feel like for our next baby I’ll just be writing down the bare minimum haha. Poor guy.


As you can see from all these photos we have been spending so much time outside lately. We had so much rain this year, which is very rare for Southern California, so once the sun came out we have been outside every single day. I just bought them little floaties called puddle jumpers that are great for when we just want to hang out in the juccuzzi for a little bit. I want to get swim lessons for them soon, I just haven’t gotten around to it. But man the girls love to play outside. They can be super crabby and the second we step foot outside they are in heaven.


Let’s chat a little about my pregnancy and what’s going on right now. I did just film a video sharing everything in detail so I will have that below if you want to watch! But overall I have been feeling pretty good. I was super happy once I was out of the first trimester because I was really sick. Actually it didn’t really go away until about week 17 I believe. So I would say the last few weeks of my second trimester were definitely the best. I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t huge and I really didn’t feel very “pregnant”. When I was pregnant with the girls I was already super uncomfortable at this point, so luckily I’m not there yet. Now I’m starting to see how a twin pregnancy is much different. In the beginning since I was sick both times, they didn’t feel much different other than not having to go to as many appointments this time. But now I’m really not as big, even though I’ve gained quite a bit of weight already, and I’m not in that sore feet/achy back stage yet. I do think it’s just around the corner though. Last night I was sitting on the couch and started getting uncomfortable and told Andrew uh oh I think the physical pain might be coming!

One other huge difference has been how much I’ve felt this baby move around. You’d think with two babies inside of me, I’d feel them a lot, but I had an anterior placenta so they would have to kick through that for me to feel anything. With this little guy I feel him so much all day long. I honestly just hold my stomach in amazement thinking good grief this is a crazy little boy! So I don’t know if that’s just how it is for everyone or what, but it’s definitely new for me. I swear I’ll be able to see footprints soon from his kicks!

One other thing I wanted to talk about is moving! I get a lot of questions asking if we are planning to move since our family will be growing, but we have decided to stay in our current house for at least two more years. We have fixed everything up that we really wanted to at this point and are really content. It just feels good. So we figured we’d stay here until our little boy is about 2 and then start to feel it out. I also think we will just know when it’s time to get a little more space. Really I would like a larger kitchen, one more bathroom, larger yard and a larger living space. We’ve also decided we are going to stay in Southern California after debating on moving out of the state. Andrew loves his job and is at a great place in his company and we feel most at home here. I love having the beach, mountains and desert all driving distance so that would be hard to give up.


So that is all for now guys! I also wanted to say thank you to those of you who follow me over on Instagram. I really love interacting with you all everyday and seeing where you are at in your pregnancies or how your little ones are doing. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in this whole mom thing! So thank you for sharing your stories with me, it means a lot! (you can follow my instagram HERE)