walmart baby registry

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Time to talk baby registry! I get so many of you who ask what are my top things to register for. Having twins first really started me off in a whirlwind. I had no idea where to even begin and needing practically 2 of everything seemed super daunting. This time around with one little boy on the way, I know exactly what I need and have much more clarity on what is essential. I also saved some things from the girls, so I didn’t need everything like I did the first time around. So today I wanted to share some of my must-haves and I hope you find this helpful!

I also wanted to let you all know that you can now register for all your baby gear at Walmart! They have tons and tons of amazing top brand baby products on their site. Everything I’m going to mention today can be found at Walmart which makes me really happy because I know how convenient it is for all of you to shop there. So if you are currently pregnant and trying to figure out where to register out, make sure to look on their site and see all the amazing baby options they offer! Head HERE to see everything they carry online!

walmart baby registry

1. Diapers and Wipes.

So this time around I registered for a few Huggies boxes in the newborn size and a few Pampers (used these for the girls) in the newborn size. I think right now I have 2 of each brand and that should be good for newborn size. I also got a large size 1 in Huggies (I’ve heard they work well with boys!). So definitely get some newborn and size 1 because you never know how big your baby will be or how fast they will grow out of certain sizes.

For wipes, I love Water Wipes. They are gentle, simple and work. And wipes are something you can never have enough of so get a ton!

2. Baby Products.

I already had quite a few from the girls, so all I really needed was gentle body wash and a sponge pretty much. But here are what I’d recommend: oil, bottle cleaner, hand sanitizer, suncreen, all-purpose wipes and lotion.

walmart baby registry
walmart baby registry

5. Stroller Toys, Teethers and Pacifiers

I have always loved the Skip Hop stroller toys because you can attach them to anything. And my girls loved them as babies. Teethers are a great thing to get now because your baby will be teether before you know it! And pacifiers are a must for me. I love the Wubbanubs for the first few months because the soft animal that attaches to the pacifier is really soothing for your baby and it helps it stay in one place! Also I’d get a Susher. I didn’t have this with the girls, but I’ve seen a lot of people use it and it looked pretty cool! It is basically a travel sized sound machine that sounds like someone “shushing”. This would be a great thing to bring in the car or keep in your diaper bag.

4. Diaper Bag!

I have tried a lot and the Skip Hop Backpack is by far my fav. It has everything you need without being too bulky. It’s funny whenever we see someone with it in public Andrew is always like “look they have your bag!” Just trust me here, it’s the best. It’s also a great thing to add to your registry because it’s a really nice gift for someone to get you!

walmart baby registry

6. Big Ticket Items

Luckily we have a car seat, stroller and pack n play from the girls, but if this is your first baby then for sure put them on your registry! So I would say: car seat, stroller, pack n play, walker (we actually registered for a new one from Joovy), play yard and a bouncer or swing (still need one of those!).

7. Nursery Items

I had a few people recommend the Peanut changing pad to me and I’m so glad I got it! You can just wipe it down so there is no need for a changing cover! I’d also suggest a few linen type of products: swaddle blankets, sheets and baby wrap or carrier. And if you still need a crib you can add that as well! We did both times around and had family buy them for us. And don’t forget a sound machine and bath tub!

walmart baby registry

8. Feeding Items

I always like to add a few bottles and a nursing cover. Nipple balm, pumping supplies, bibs and cleaning items that you’d use in the kitchen always come in handy too. I go through bottle cleaner and sponges really quickly!

9. Stuffed Animals and Clothes

These are fun for people to buy. So if you have a style preference definitely add some to your registry so people know what you like. And make sure not to add all newborn or size 0-3 month clothing. I always space of the sizing because babies grow out of things so quickly and I didn’t start dressing the girls in anything super cute until they were a little bigger.

10. Safety Items

Thermometer, nail clippers, baby monitor and a baby gate. These aren’t super exciting things but all necessary. Even if people don’t buy everything on your list, it’s a great way of knowing what you need!

walmart baby registry
walmart baby registry

So I hope this helped you out in planning out what you need to add to your baby registry. It can be totally overwhelming but just know that you can always buy stuff once the baby is here! Best of luck with your pregnancy and little bundle of joy on the way!