Newborn Must Haves

I haven’t even done a blog post since Owen’s been born! Clearly life with 3 kids had rocked my life a little! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites that we use all the time. There are so many baby products these days so hopefully this will give you a realistic view of what we use day to day! Everything I’m going to be talking about in this post can be found at Walmart and will be linked, so make sure to check it all out! They have everything from nursing essentials to bouncers to highchairs for your little ones.

baby must haves

Okay let’s start with onesies. You need a lot of these, and buy a size bigger than you think because 1. they’ll shrink and 2. babies grow really fast! Owen was 10 lbs when he was born so he was in newborn stuff for a solid day (since that’s all I took to the hospital) and pretty much went straight to size 3-6. And I’d rather have stuff slightly bigger on my babies than too tight. So lot’s of onesies since they are easy to throw on and you’ll be changing them a lot from spit up and blow outs so be prepared!

If you are going to be nursing I’d have some nipple butter on hand. Your nipples can get cracked in the beginning and I usually have to power through for a few days until they are fully healed up. I apply the Earth Mama butter every time after I nurse and it is really gentle and effective. I don’t have to use it anymore, but it saved me those first few days post partum.

Owen got acne pretty early on and the thing that really helped with it was this Mustela Cleansing Water. I would apply with a cotton round and within a day his skin looked a lot better. I keep this at his changing table and every now and then will use it to wipe his neck and other areas just to get a quick clean.

I have been loving our Hatch sound machine. You can control it from your phone or the actual machine which makes it really convenient. Sometimes if I think it’s too loud in his room, I’ll turn the volume down from my phone. I also use the dark blue color but have it turned down a lot. It still keeps the room dark but gives a little light for me when I’m nursing him. And for sleep he is still using his Dockatot and loves it. I always get a lot of questions asking if it’s worth it. Honestly for me yes, just because I like having him feel secure while sleeping. And I love that it’s so portable. However, since he’s so big he won’t fit in it much longer!

For nursing I try to pump a few times a week just to stash some milk in the freezer. I use a Madela Pump and used it with the girls too. And I actually have just been wearing bralettes instead of nursing bras since I’m home most days. Button down pjs are also really nice to wear at night. When people are over or if I’m going somewhere I love the multi-use covers. You can use over your car seat, in a shopping cart and to nurse.

Owen started spitting up a little more so we have swaddle blankets all around our house. They come in handy for so many things! Those and Wubbanubs are in every room!

And last, as far as diapers and wipes go, we have been using Water Wipes since they are very gentle along with Huggies diapers. Owen is already in a size 2 and I can’t believe it! He’s almost 15 pounds and 7 weeks old!

Let me know some of your baby must haves in the comments! Make sure to check out the huge selection of baby products at Walmart. They have a ton in store but even more online so if you’re like me and like to shop online then you are in luck!