Similarities and Differences between my Twin vs Singleton Pregnancy

What are the differences between your twin pregnancy and this pregnancy?

That is the most common question I get asked these days so I decided to write a full post on what has been the same and what has been different. Sometimes it feels like I was just pregnant and then other days that time in my life feels forever ago. I even started watching some of my old pregnancy updates to compare the two and also see how big I was at different times. Now, I’m not quite in my third trimester yet, almost, but here is what I’ve realized about the two pregnancies up until this point. *And after finishing this post I am seeing how different they have been! I have been telling most people they have actually been a lot alike but now I’m realizing they have been pretty different.



Morning sickness. But with me it has never just been in the mornings. With the twins I was MUCH more sick, but this time I felt super sick too, just not AS sick. I threw up a few times with the girls (maybe 4 times), this time I never did. Last time I was sick up until about 20 weeks, this time up until about 16/17 weeks. So not that much shorter but in the moment a few weeks feels like eternity so I’ll take it! With the twins I could barely eat anything so I actually lost weight my first trimester. This time I felt better during and after eating so that did help me, but I also gained more weight faster. 

Where I gained weight. With the twins I carried much wider. My whole belly seemed to be just larger in general. Now my belly looks like I smuggled a basketball under my shirt. I also am carrying high this time, which is funny because they say with boys you usually carry lower. But with both, the other areas that I notice a lot of weight gain are my face, love handles and thighs. I contour my face a lot during pregnancy! Bring on the bronzer!

Physical activity. I think I was just a lot more cautious with the twins. I also was sick for so long so that didn’t help. I didn’t want to be burning calories when I started feeling better because I was really trying to gain weight. That’s been much different this time. Since gaining weight hasn’t been a problem, I’ve been wanting to work out! But I’m not running like I was post-partum, I just go on walks, do yoga and prenatal exercises from home. I usually like to do yoga as many mornings a week as possible and then at least 2-3 toning workouts (around 20 min) each week. I will say that staying more active has made me feel much better this time around. I was watching back old videos around the 25 week mark which is where I’m at now and back then I was super achy and really uncomfortable. My belly was much larger, but I also think that since I wasn’t as active and not stretching enough, my body must have been much more sore. 

Daily life. My first pregnancy I didn’t have the stress of taking care of two two-year old toddlers. I could nap whenever I wanted (sometimes multiple times a day) and get work done whenever. Now, it’s a whole new story. I don’t really ever get time to mentally check out. When the girls go to sleep at night is the only time I truly shut off. Yes they nap a few hours during the middle of the day but that’s my time to get a lot of work done so I don’t see that as time to relax. So with the twins’ pregnancy my stress was more from my actual pregnancy. I was stressed about carrying twins, what it would be like once they arrived, keeping them safe in my tummy etc. Now my stress comes from not my actual pregnancy but raising my girls. They are in a very…how should I say this…whiny, tantrumy, energetic phase right now. There is never a dull moment with them and while it can be hilarious and oh so cute, it can also be exhausting! Half the time I forget I’m pregnant because I’m so busy with work and being a mom! But with the twins’ pregnancy it consumed my every thought! At this time with them the nursery was done and we haven’t even started our little boy’s nursery yet!

Skin issues. The second I found out I was pregnant with the girls, I never saw a pimple until after I gave birth. This pregnancy I had the worst skin in the beginning. It took a solid few months for it to get back to normal. I thought it was so odd because this goes against those old wives tales. So don’t believe everything you read online!

Doctors appointments. Since my twin pregnancy was considered high risk (they shared a placenta), I had to go to my normal OB and see a Perinatalogist even more frequently. He was about an hour away so those appointments took up a lot of time. But I did love those appointments because the doctor was so informative about what I should expect. I really felt in the dark when finding out I was having twins and felt like I had nobody to talk to. He eased so many of my anxieties. With a singleton pregnancy you just go once a month to hear the heartbeat, check your vitals and chat with your doctor. They are super quick appointments. I didn’t realize you don’t get to see the baby each time! With my specialist he basically gave me an anatomy scan every appointment to measure how they were growing and to make sure they were growing at the same pace. There was one thing that happened this time around where they couldn’t get a clear picture of his spine during the anatomy scan since he is always laying on his back. Because of that, I had to have an extra ultrasound at the OB’s office and then another one with a Perinatologist to make sure they got all the images they needed. So that was kind of stressful but at least everything turned out okay. We also went to a special ultrasound place to find out the gender early so were able to see baby then too. 

Comfort level. Even though I gained weight faster this time, my belly isn’t quite as big. When watching back old videos I realized that I was super uncomfortable at night on the couch watching tv and could never get comfortable when sleeping. I’m definitely not at that point yet. I still haven’t had any back pain and am sleeping completely fine. I’m thinking all the yoga I do is helping with that. Because if I ever do feel tight or sore, it’s usually because I haven’t done yoga in a few days.

Cravings. With my twin pregnancy I didn’t have many cravings. I just remember loving fruit and smoothies but that was kind of it. This little boy craves it all! I have ordered so much take-out it’s nuts! This could totally be just the difference between having boys and girls but either way I’ve been craving so many more things. Mostly foods that I wouldn’t normally eat. Chili cheese fries, carne asada fries, burgers, taco bell, nachos, cheesecake, the list goes on! I’ve also had a ton of Rubio’s! That actually sounds amazing right now. Luckily my cravings have lessened recently so I’m trying to eat better!!

**Also, I feel him move WAY more than I ever felt the girls, which is odd considering I had two babies inside of me. One reason is because my placenta was anterior with the girls so their kicks were kind of muddled from the placenta in the way. And maybe this is little guy just has a lot more space to move around!!



Emotionally. I have realized that I’m not the best pregnant person. I don’t feel like myself, both physically and mentally. I’m a lot more hormonal (more so with with twins’ pregnancy) and sensitive. So that has been something I’ve had to accept. I always thought I’d have these dreamy pregnancies and then when I found out I was having twins, I was like…well for my singleton pregnancy it’ll be much different. Well here we are and I kinda feel the same. I don’t love being pregnant, but I love what pregnancy brings me! The amazing babies! And at least I know once I’m no longer pregnant I’ll feel back to normal pretty soon after. And you can always get back in shape! But pregnancy can be really hard. You definitely hear more about the positives in people pregnancies because nobody wants to hear you complain lets be honest. But if you are struggling, just know that everyone has their own unique pregnancy and that’s totally okay. It’s all worth it in the end and you’ll look back and be so grateful you were able to experience it all.