Toddlers and Sleep

I wanted to talk about sleep because it’s something I care A LOT about. I take naptime and bedtime pretty seriously for a few reasons. 1. The girls are in a much better mood when they get good sleep. 2. It’s good for their mental development and physical growth. 3. It’s my time to get stuff done! But for reals, I really do count on their naps to film and edit videos and get the important things done that need all my focus.

So in this post I want to talk about the girls’ current sleep schedule, why I transitioned them into toddler beds and how we made the switch.

toddlers and sleep

Sleep Schedule:

I put the girls down for a nap around 1:00. Some days if we do a lot in the morning or if they woke up early that day they’ll be really tired around 12. They were sleeping for about 2.5-3.5 hours but now they aren’t sleeping quite as long. Lately their naps have been 2-2.5 hours. So they are usually up around 3, sometimes closer to 4, which always feels like a treat. I do notice that if they take a shorter nap, they tend to sleep in little longer in the morning. Not a ton but maybe 30 minutes or so.

We put them down for bed between 7:30 and 8:00. I do baths about every other day and just try to get them prepped for bed around 7. So jammies, milk, *try to brush teeth, and then we will either cuddle and watch a show or they will be playing around the house. When we say it’s time for bed they know the drill. We all head into their room, change their diapers, tuck them in and they still get binkies for sleep. Not sure when I’ll try to break those. They are more obsessed than ever now it seems. We will all hold hands and say our prayers, then it’s sound machine on and lights out. They sometimes talk to themselves a little bit but will be asleep within 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it’s more like 30 seconds! I swear it’s because they play non-stop all day long, so when it’s time to go to bed they just pas out so quick.

Why we made the transition from cribs to toddler beds:

So one day the girls started being able to climb back and forth between cribs. And they would be up forever just moving between one crib to the other. I would hear these loud thumps every time one would fall into the others bed. They have a pretty small room so it was never really an option to separate them from each other. Also they really like being close to each other. They don’t like being a foot apart I swear. Then one day I heard a loud thump followed by June crying really loud. I came in their room to find June on the ground. She was either trying to climb into Violet’s crib and fell out or was just trying to climb out. Either way, that was my realization that we had to be done with the cribs. Now if they hadn’t done this, I would try to keep them in their cribs for much longer, but I couldn’t risk them falling out of their cribs, it just wasn’t safe anymore. I heard about crib canopies and a few other ways parents kept their kids in their cribs for a little bit longer, but I just decided that we’d convert their cribs to toddler beds once I got the piece in the mail. I ordered them the day June fell out of her crib online (their cribs are from Pottery Barn and a lot of them have the option to convert to toddler beds with a separate piece). You can find them HERE.

toddlers and sleep

I took this photo the last day they were in their normal cribs. It was the day June fell out of her crib onto the ground and then a few minutes after Violet climbed in with her. I actually got emotional seeing them like this because they have maybe slept together once before when they had to share a pack n play, so the sight alone was just so cute. But also because I realized that they had outgrown their cribs. The cribs that they have slept in for 2 years. Yes I know that they still are technically in the same crib, it just has a lower side now, but it’s so different. Now they can get in and out on their own and it made me realize how quickly they are growing up. They now have some independence, they aren’t in a baby crib they are in a toddler ‘bed’. It’s weird how little moments like this make me pause and it’s like time just stands still for a little bit. Life is always so hectic over at our house. I’m constantly getting them snacks, cleaning up messes, changing diapers, the list truly never ends. But then something like this happens and makes you realize how fast time does go by. Our job as moms can be so overwhelming. It can feel like the walls are caving in but it also is the most incredible thing. You are raising these little people, teaching them everything they know and witnessing them grow up right before your eyes. I did not expect to make this a sappy post whatsoever, but here we are. The sight of sleeping babies can do that do you. It’s them in their most raw and pure state.

toddlers and sleep

Photo above is Violet taking a break during the morning. She definitely needs some alone time every now and then (like her mom) so she’ll come into her room and just lay down for a few minutes. It’s my favorite thing ever. Meanwhile June is running around yelling “Violet where ARRRREEE you????”

How we made the transition:

So it was a rough few days for naps. Shockingly, the first night there was no issue with them going to bed at night. They never got out once. But naps were a different story. One problem was I had lost their baby monitor for some time so I was going in their room each time I’d hear them and tell them to get back in their beds and go to sleep. This was not working because the second I closed the door I’d hear them get right back out. Someone had told me to use the monitor to talk into it and tell them that way. So I ended up ordering a new monitor and that was the best decision ever. So I’d say just make sure you have a monitor that has a talk function. I’ll link ours for you HERE. What I would do, (and still do) is whenever I see them get out of their bed, I talk into the monitor with a stern voice and say “June/Violet get back into your bed.” And they run back in their bed and just duck down, it’s the funniest thing. Every now and then they won’t listen, but for the most part it works. Or even if they are standing in their crib looking over at their sister I’ll tell them to lay down through the monitor.

I think keeping a watch on them right when you put them down really helps because they know what they aren’t supposed to do. Before we had the monitor they’d run around their room like they just had a bag of sugar! I thought I was going to lose my mind! Another tip someone gave me is take their binky away every time they get out of their bed. So we’ve done that a few times, and I wait until they lay back down to give the binkies back.

*One other side note, if they ever wake up before 2 hours I usually go in their room and rub their back and say shhh until they calm down and they’ll usually fall back asleep.

It’s now been about a month since making the switch and it’s been great. Definitely if they aren’t super tired they take longer to fall asleep and I’ll catch them sneaking out of the bed to go sit with sister. When this happens I just have to do the same thing to get them back in their bed. I swear it helps much more than actually going in their room. And honestly sometimes if they are kinda hyper in there, I just do my thing, get some work down, keep checking on them through the monitor and eventually they get tired and will go to sleep. So most days they fall asleep right away but there are those few times where it takes an hour for them to fall asleep. It’s not often but it does happen and I just try to remind myself tomorrow is a new day and it’s not the end of the world!! I hope this helps you out in some way and best of luck if you are making the transition soon!

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