Travel Tips with Toddlers: Visiting Texas and the Silos

So if you follow me on instagram you know we recently went to Texas! My oldest brother and his family live outside of Austin and just moved into a new home, so we wanted to visit them and also make a trip to Waco. Andrew and I are huge fans of Fixer Upper, so sad it’s over, so we’ve always wanted to see everything they’ve built out there. My parents came with us and that was SO much help. Flying with two toddlers is not easy and having two extra sets of hands was so so helpful every step of the way. Even though trips these days feel more like work than vacation, we had a great time. So I’m going to share what I thought of Magnolia Table, the Silos and give you some traveling tips with twin toddlers!

flying with toddler twins

We didn’t buy the girls each a seat since they are free until they turn 2. Also since both my parents were with us we figured we would have enough space for them. Luckily on the way there, my parents had an empty seat near them which was amazing. So if you don’t mind spending the extra money I do think a seat for your little one makes it a lot easier. We checked both of their car seats and then used our stroller up until we got to the gate. The one we like for travel is THIS ONE. The main reason we like it, is because it’s really lightweight. And then I brought two diaper bags. One for me and one for Andrew. These are my FAVORITE diaper bags. Not that Andrew really used his, but it gave me more storage for all the things I needed to bring for them. And for pack n plays we just brought one since my sister-in-law had one we could use. HERE is a great one for travel!

flying with toddler twins

What I packed in the diaper bags:

diapers (I also packed more in our bags we checked) also made sure to bring the GOOD diapers, so no leaks!

extra wipes

scented diaper bags for dirty clothes and diapers

sanitizing wipes for toys and binkies


hand sanitizer

coloring books and crayons


these little cheese and apple wooden toys (the apple never made it home with us!)



empty water bottles that we filled up at the airport (make sure they are spill-proof!)

bottles for milk

their blankie (in the mini size ballet slipper color) and bear


fruit snacks


cream that works for everything!

headphones (they didn’t even use them though)

ipad (we ended up using the free tv that comes with southwest because netflix wouldn’t work even though we downloaded shows ahead of time)

swaddle blankets to keep them warm or clean up spills

extra change of clothes (which we used)

*don’t forget their birth certificate if your kids are under two and are sitting on your lap

They didn’t sleep at all on the way there but they did sleep a little on the way back which was great. I’d definitely recommend a non-stop flight since it cuts travel time and you don’t have to lug everything around all over again. They loved looking out the window too, so if you can, get a window seat. It wasn’t too bad flying with them, but it wasn’t super fun either. I always think to myself when they are being difficult, that the flight will be over soon enough! A cocktail on the plane never hurts either! That is, if you can manage to even drink it with a toddler in your lap!!

One other tip is to eat before you take off. We found smoothies near our gate and a few other healthy snacks that I tried to fill them up with. I also filled their bottles up with milk which they find comfort in, so that helped a little when they’d got restless. And we brought binkies which can help with their ears at take off.


Waco was about an hour drive from where we were staying and we ended up leaving the girls with my dad and brother so we could enjoy ourselves a little more. Also we left a little before their nap so that gave us a lot of time that we wouldn’t really have if they came with us. We first went to Magnolia Table and got in line to put our name in. The wait was about an hour (another thing that would have been hard if the girls had been with us) and the lady working said it usually is a lot longer than that! AND it was raining and still packed. But even though it was a long wait there was a lot to do. If the wait was any longer we would have driven to the Silos and hung out there but we decided to enjoy all the things at the restaurant, also because we didn’t want to miss our name being called. They do text you when your table is ready but only hold your name for 7 minutes. Just something to keep in mind.

magnolia table
magnolia table

First we headed over to the Take Out area. There was a lot of cute merchandise (I got a mug and t-shirt) and quick food and drink options. We also met JoJo’s mom which was really neat! They only had a few shirts so if you want more to chose from, I’d wait until you go to the actual store at the Silos because there were a TON of shirts there.

magnolia table
magnolia table

Once we all got a few things, we headed over the ‘waiting area’ and it started raining so umbrellas and overhangs were much appreciated! My mom and Andrew got a drink at the little coffee counter which was so adorable, while me and my sister-in-law hung out under a big umbrella!

magnolia table
magnolia table

Once we got inside the restaurant I was blown away with how beautiful everything was. It was so crazy to be there after watching everything on tv for so long! The tater tots are a must! We started with those. Andrew and my sister-in-law got the eggs benedict and I got the farm breakfast and added a breakfast taco and my mom got a salad. Everything was good!

magnolia table

Then we drove over to the the Silos. I thought everything was walking distance, but Magnolia Table is a little ways away. Not super far, but you do have to drive so just plan accordingly! The first thing I thought was that the actual silos were HUGE, they were really incredible to look at. Since we watched the episode when they first wanted to own this whole space it was kinda surreal to actually be there. There were food trucks all around and people and kids just everywhere! Quite the spectacle! I wanted to go in the cute bakery but the line was so long. It was like a Disneyland wrap around line! Even though it was pretty crowded, I will say that everything was run so smoothly. Andrew and I were really impressed with everything. There were so many employees all willing to help, and even all the lines were assembled in an orderly fashion. They truly have thought of everything and we left thinking how incredible it all was.


Here is a shot of maybe half of the store. It was massive! They offer a shipping service if you plan to order large items but are there just visiting. There was a cute corner with all of Chip’s things, a kid section, and Jimmy Don had a whole wall full of his designs.


Despite the crazy humidity, it was so fun to see two of my nieces, my brother and my sister-in-law! I love seeing the girls play with their cousins. It’s one of my favorite things! There is something so special about it! I hope you got some good tips and if you are planning a trip with your family soon I wish you all the best!