Beach Babies

Let's be honest, sometimes I get a little jealous of how cute my girls are in their matching outfits. Sometimes I want to be in on their little pact! Their bond is growing by the day and I can't get enough of their twin connection. So to fit in a little, I decided to match them at the beach. It's kinda funny because my mom and I ALWAYS would be matching when I was younger. I used to look back on photos and be like..."Mom, whyyyy would you do that?" Now I understand! It's fun! Your daughters are your little mini's. If you guys match your kids, what websites do you shop on? I'd love to know!

Andrew and I headed west to the beach the other evening and brought my parents with us, because it makes an outting much much easier! When it's just Andrew and me, neither of us has a spare hand because we basically each claim a child. So having at least 3 people around makes doing things where you have to round them up a lot easier. 

twin mom
twin post partum body
beach baby

I'm realizing that Violet is now the brave one. The second I put her down on the sand she ran towards the water. She also does not like anyone helping her. She has to do everything on her own (hello Andrew!), so that is always a little difficult! Here I am trying to hold her back from the waves while she's screaming to get out of my arms. It's times like this that I start envisioning what life will be like when they are teenagers. SEND HELP. 

It's funny because June on the other hand, gets really clingy in public. Violet always wants to be around me at home, but June is more attached to me when we are in a different setting. She'll either want to hold my hand, which is the sweetest thing ever, or just want me to pick her up. It's weird because it's usually one or the other that wants me. Which is great because then I can give one a little more attention. They tend to really balance each other out that way.

twin mom
beach baby

I'm trying to take the girls on solo trips more often. I do feel like they have been competing for attention lately and whenever I take just one of them somewhere it's 1. much much much easier and 2. they seem to really like it. I think even at this age they are so aware of everything and getting a little one-on-one time with undivided attention is really beneficial. It's just really odd to separate them. I never thought it would be that way, but one without the other seems like I'm not including one. But I know that in the long run, they will look back and really appreciate our little dates we took, even if it's just to the store.

Having twins has taught me so much. More than I ever imagined. They teach me to go with the flow, to stop and enjoy all the little moments, to take a deep breath and realize they will soon get over it, to laugh more, to be silly more, to enjoy their different personalities and treat them like individuals but to love them both to my fullest capability. If you are pregnant with twins, or have really young twins, it does get easier. Yes there are some things that are different which make you super frustrated, but overall life is much easier than it was when they were infants! You'll get there I promise!

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